Healing Tea Warms the Soul

Ahhhh, Winter…..I am sure I am not the only one who has felt the chill in the air. The temperature is dropping and the seasons are beginning to turn the page, as we saw our first snowflakes fly this past weekend.

Herbal tea has always been a staple in my house, both my kids and I have always preferred a hot cup of tea over anything else as it just warms the soul. This year, more than ever,I have found myself looking to boost our immune systems. Everything we are consuming needs to have more of a purpose, if you will. I am thankful that this year I was able to meet Nature’s Colors at the Kenosha Public Market. They have an amazing selection of loose leaf teas, among many other things but I will try and stay focused. Any who, this one stood out to me…..”STAY HEALTHY”! Exactly what I want to do! So I bought a small bag, fell in love and went back to the market and bought a handful more. I wanted to be stocked up for the season. I also shared the love with a few friends when they came down with a sniffle or two. The ingredients of this tea are incredible. The flavor blend is delightful, but the benefits of the herbs is also what I thought I would share.

“Stay Healthy”

1) Eleuthero Root- boosts immune system, Antiviral!, reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue,improves cognitive function & increases energy! WHOA!! Power house.

2) Echinacea Root- boosts the immune system & reduces symptoms of viral infections such as common cold & flu.

3) Orange Peel- Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergenic, boosts the immune system, protects respiratory system, jammed packed with vitamins & essential nutrients.

4) Peppermint Leaf- relieves digestive symptoms, relieves tension headaches, relieves clogged sinuses, improves energy, fights bacterial infections & improves sleep.

5) Echinacea Herb- increases the number of white blood cells helping your body fight those germs.

6) Licorice Root- potent antioxidant, anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial. May ease upper respiratory infections and aid in digestion.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this space with me and hopefully, share a cup of tea and warm your soul!

Many Blessings- Gretchen

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